Agility Course Fail Doesn’t Stop This Dog, And It Has The Announcer In Stitches

The Crufts dog show is where owners and their dogs take to the agility course and show off all of the dedication and hard work they put into their training. The performances aren’t always perfect, but they’re always entertaining. Just take a look at the run below! 😀

Olly the Jack Russell hits the course full of enthusiasm, and it’s hard to not get behind him. A little blunder at the very beginning isn’t enough to bring him down, and it’s full steam ahead! The energetic dog starts to improvise his run, and it wins over the hearts of everyone watching — including the announcer!

Despite the hard fall, Olly keeps going and decides to have the time of his life. You gotta love the dog’s spunk! The announcer can’t hold back as the Jack Russell continues to do things his own way. I’m in stitches over here! 😀

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