Alone and frozen in fear, emaciated shepherd waits for soft rescue voice

Since May 7, a 14-year-old emaciated shepherd has been frozen in fear lying quietly in a shelter cage at Downey Animal Care Center in Los Angeles. On Tuesday, shelter volunteer Sal Valdepena met Smith; the rescuer’s heart breaking apart. Brought in as a stray, the senior pooch is expected to be available for adoption on May 21, but will that be too late?

“He Laid Frozen Wanting A Soft Voice To Tell Him It Will Be Okay. This Is What Smith Has To Go Through Now. Alone & Defeated,” Sal posted on his Facebook page.

Asked if a video could be done to help garner attention for this senior…

“He wouldn’t get off the floor. He’s very scared & sick. I’m hoping if a rescue contacts Downey they will release because of his condition.”

Click here for Smith’s Pet Harbor adoption listing. “My name is Smith and I am described as a neutered male, tan German Shepherd Dog mix. The shelter thinks I am about 14 years old. I have been at the shelter since May 07, 2017.” For more information about Smith, call: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey at (562) 940-6898. Ask for information about animal ID number A5058189. A Facebook page for this dog can be

Share Smith’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Advocates have been pledging funds to help with the dog’s medical care payable to an approved rescue. Sharing saves lives, and we are this dog’s only hope.

Photos of emaciated shepherd courtesy of Sal Valdepena.

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