Amazing, Incredible Transformation of a Dog You Have to See to Believe


Animal Aid Unlimited from India shares this video and these photos of an amazing transformation.  You simply have to see this to believe it.  When first found, the dog was suffering through one of the worst cases of mange the rescuers had ever seen.  Things did not look good.


Miraculously, after just ten days of treatment, the dog started to turn around.  He is still doing well, and is looking for a proper forever home, with a loving family.  With his fresh, new coat, he seems to be much happier, and is an all around sweet heart of a dog.




He recovered from his poor health in a relatively short amount of time.  This was a good thing, considering the doctors did’t hold much hope for him to survive  Against all odds, he survived long enough to be rescued and every day that passes, he gets healthier and better.  Thanks to the caring people at Animal Aid Unlimited, this dog will live to see another day.





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