Amputated Limbs did not stop this dog to run to her new family

Chi Chi was rescued by Animal Rescue, Media & Education (ARME) from a trash can in South Korea after being subjected to a horrible ordeal at a dog meat farm. She was hung upside down and fed compulsively to make her fat. Dog farmers believe that a dog’s meat is more tender and juicy if a dog is scared before slaughter hence the more torture they go though the better.

When Chi Chi was found, her paws were already eaten up by infection and had to go through amputation to survive, she lost all her paws. Losing body parts could leave anyone devastated but not this dog, Chi Chi was smiling and waggling her tail even after the surgery.

Chi Chi had to go through a lot but she finally did found her happy ending after months of video chatting with the president of ARME, Shannon Keith.

Chi Chi was send to America where Kieth took her to her new home in Amazon.
Now Chi Chi is a member of a happy home of three humans and three dogs but this is not just a happy ending for her but a new beginning as well, Keith will have soon have country’s top veterinarians who specialize in prosthetic limbs look in to her case.

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