Amputee Dog Rescues Disabled Boy In A Powerful Way

It’s amazing how friendships can be formed in the most unexpected places, and in the unlikeliest circumstance. Just like the friendship between the prison inmates and shelter dogs in a Massachusetts correctional facility. They both needed each other, and they found comfort in each other. This story is somewhat similar to that– a little boy and a dog who found friendship and comfort in each other.

However this is no ordinary boy, and this is no ordinary dog either. Both of them are special. The little boy, Owen Howkens, was born with a rare genetically-based disorder called Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome. Owen started to feel socially anxious when people stare, laugh, and talk about him. So his parents decided to get him a dog. The dog, Haatchi, is an Anatolian Shepherd who had his leg amputated when he was rescued. Haatchi didn’t care about Owen’s physical appearance. And Owen felt so much better with Haatchi there beside him. Watch the video below and see the story of their beautiful friendship!
Owen and Haatchi have such a remarkable bond. Owen’s family adopted Haatchi, but in return Haatchi rescued Owen as well! I consider their friendship one of the most beautiful, sweetest friendships I have ever seen!

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