An Abandoned Pup, Harsh Winters, and a Chain of Hope

In the biting cold, a woman glimpsed a sight that tugged at her heartstrings – a puppy tethered to a chain, with icy rain falling relentlessly. The puppy made no move to seek shelter, a behavior that puzzled the woman until she discovered the tragic reason behind it.

From the comfort of her car, the woman noticed the young dog bound to a chain amidst a wintry downpour. The raindrops froze before they even hit the earth due to the intense cold. The puppy didn’t make any effort to seek refuge in the nearby shelter, and the reason only became clear when the woman approached – a larger, territorial dog was occupying the booth, denying the young one any refuge.

Around the chained puppy were a couple of bowls and an abandoned guard shack, with an unused railway line nearby. The purpose of chaining the puppy here was unclear. The contents of the bowls suggested infrequent feeding – one bowl held mere remnants of bones, while the other was entirely empty.

The woman took it upon herself to provide for the puppy, making regular trips to feed it. Since a group of stray dogs in the area often tried to steal the puppy’s food, she stayed by its side until it finished eating. Days passed without any sign of activity at the guard shack, leading the woman to realize that the sparse bones were likely left by other sympathetic passersby.

Each day, the woman faithfully returned to the chained puppy, ensuring it had enough to eat. Other dogs in the area eagerly awaited these moments, eyeing the puppy’s food, but the woman stood guard until the puppy had finished eating.

Throughout this period, the guard shack remained deserted, confirming that no one else was caring for the puppy. The woman’s initial assumption, that the leftover bones were the work of kind-hearted strangers, was seemingly accurate.

The woman then reached out for help to find a home for the puppy. In the interim, she had been hosting the puppy in an apartment alongside other cats and dogs, but despite her best efforts, a suitable permanent home was elusive.

A temporary shelter in Yekaterinburg offered to take in the young dog. It was promptly taken to the vets for checkups and, pending test results, for neutering, after which a search for a permanent home would commence.

The puppy, who they named Thomas, proved to be remarkably affectionate, a stark contrast to his harsh beginnings. It’s hard to believe that such a gentle creature was left chained in the cold. Thomas now needs a home – a family that can provide him with the love and care he deserves, and in return, he will undoubtedly bring them immense joy and companionship.

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