An Injured Homeless Senior Dog Gets A Chance At Happiness

Hope for Paws has done it again; they have saved another life! This time they saved a life of a homeless and injured senior dog that they named Rudolph.

Hope for Paws received a call about a senior dog living on a freeway off-ramp. They were told that the dog had a badly injured leg. When they got there, the dog was sleeping; so they took this opportunity to capture him. Rudolph was so scared, that even with his injured leg, he tried to fight off and get away. And as he was trying to break free, he bit his own tongue. You can see in the video that Rudolph was struggling to get away, but after a few minutes, you will see what a sweet dog he really is. Watch the video below!

Rudolph has been through a lot. And after living a hard life in the streets, he deserves a chance to be taken cared of in a home where he is loved.

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