Angel, The Puppy Found Tied up in Dog Food Bag and Abandoned with Siblings in a Trash Bin, Gets Adopted by Her Rescuer

An astonishing rescue story unfolded when a puppy and her seven siblings were found abandoned inside a bag of dog food. Nicole Olsen and Ella Harper’s daughter, intrigued by the faint cries emanating from a garbage bin at a truck stop, decided to investigate.

The incident happened on November 1, during a drive through Murray, Australia, between Wigley Flat and Kingston. Upon hearing the whimpers, Nicole lifted the lid of the bin and found two 40-pound bags of dog food stacked atop each other.

The bags were sealed with a clothesline wire, and the puppies within were in desperate need of assistance. Nicole, returning from a family gathering in Renmark, decided to call her family members to help rescue the puppies.

These poor little ones appeared to be in terrible health. Overrun with parasites and fleas, it was evident that their abandonment was meant to ensure their demise. Nicole’s cousins responded promptly, splitting the puppies into three vehicles, and transported them to Nicole’s home in Gawler.

To keep the two sickest puppies alert, they were wrapped in napkins and gently stroked throughout the journey.

Upon arriving home, they informed the RSPCA of South Australia, and the puppies were taken away to a veterinary clinic. Tragically, one of the weakest puppies passed away during the journey, and another had to be euthanized due to its critical health condition.

The remaining six puppies, three males and three females, were all overrun with fleas and parasites, dehydrated, and immediately treated.

As per the Daily Mail, the RSPCA’s chief inspector remarked, “This case represents the height of animal cruelty. We have no idea how long these puppies had been there before they were found by chance.”

He further stated that the individual who abandoned the puppies obviously intended none of them to survive, given their pitiful condition. On the day they were discovered, the temperature had reached 25°C, turning the concrete bin into a heat trap for the helpless puppies.

Unlike humans, puppies can’t sweat. They rely on panting and heat dispersal from their paws and ears to cool down. Hence, it was incredibly difficult for the little ones trapped inside the food bags and bin to regulate their body temperature.

The uplifting news began to trickle in after the RSPCA staff nursed the six surviving puppies back to health. Nicole and her family decided to adopt Angel, the sole red-furred puppy in the litter, who immediately captured their hearts.

Nicole admitted

, “We all had a soft spot for Angel because she was the youngest and seemed to be struggling the most.”

Although her family had initially wished to adopt all the puppies, they realized it wasn’t feasible and decided to take in at least one – Angel.

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