Animal Rescue Center Is Given Amazing Gift

Dogs are truly one of the most incredible animals that we could ever ask to share the planet with. While all animals are beautiful and unique in their own ways, there is no other animal on the Earth who shares such a rich and deep relationship with human beings.

But for whatever reason there are actually human beings out there who hate and even abuse animals. Even though dogs will do everything they can in the world to please us in every single way, there are actually people out there who not only neglect these amazing friends of ours, but they hurt them, both emotionally and physically.

But thankfully, for each horrible person who hurts a dog, there are thousands who do the complete opposite and love them more than anything else in the world. One amazing example of these people is the group of animal loves over at The Arrow Fund.

These people take abused and neglected dogs off the street, including animals with diseases or injuries that would surely lead to their death, and somehow not only manages to save them, but find them forever homes filled with love, respect, and kindness. Along with the amazing group of people at Prank it FWD these animals will have a better chance at life!

Warning: While all of the animals in this video end up in forever homes filled with love, their journey and initial injuries may be distressing to watch.

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