Animal rescuer and dogs facing homelessness

As animal lovers and pet owners, one of the worst things that can happen to us is homelessness. Not so much because we are concerned for our own well being but more so concerned for our companion animals. We know they put their ultimate trust in us to do right by them and keep them safe.

Lynit-Patterson-Sallions, a committed animal welfare advocate is being faced with homelessness through no fault of her own. The home she and her husband, as well as her dogs (all of them rescue dogs) have lived in for six years as a rent to own property is being foreclosed on. Not because she has been delinquent on her rent but because the landlord has defaulted on the mortgage payments. Lynit was served with paperwork to vacate the property by March 31st, 2018.  Since that notification, Lynit has been searching to find another home for her and her dogs; something that is often difficult when a person has multiple pets.

Fortunately, the bank that oversees the property will pay relocation expenses but not until they have vacated the premise. Lynit is currently trying to come up with the funds for relocating as well as gas for the generator.  The power has been disconnected and the landlord is not paying to have it reconnected.

In the interim, the cost of purchasing gas daily is very pricey. Due to the recent cold snap, the house is extremely cold inside and the generator is needed to keep the house warm. The cost of running the generator is $58.00 per day plus $25.00 per day for the gas. All these added expenses and the extra dogs Lynit has taken in have created a financial crisis.

A this time, Lynit has found a place to move so she and her dogs will not be homeless. However, they are still in need of financial assistance. They still have to pay off the utility bill to get it transferred, and there is a stipulation from the new landlord to build a privacy fence for one small section of the yard. The landlord who lives next door does not have a problem with Lynit’s dogs, however, she does not want any incidents with them and her senior dogs.

Lynit is asking for financial assistance in the form of a Go-Fund-Me and is asking for the sum of $1800.00. It’s not a fortune, but it will help with the relocation costs, paying off the utility bill, paying for the generator until they are moved in to the new home, and building the necessary fence.

Please donate via the YouCaring link.

(Photo of homelessness concern via Youcaring link)

Some people give and give, spending their lives in the care and service of others, including all creatures and never ask for anything in return. They are the unsung heroes who never think of themselves. Yet these same people oftentimes need a helping hand too, so they can continue their important, life saving work.

“Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else’s life…”

-Margaret Cho

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