Animal Rescuers Called In To Save Dozens of Cats Abandoned in Scorching Abu Dhabi Desert

Over 140 cats were discovered abandoned and left to die in the harsh Abu Dhabi desert.

The story unfolded when a group of United Arab Emirates residents stumbled upon these helpless animals, leading to an urgent rescue mission that has prompted outrage and calls for systemic changes in the treatment of stray animals.

The Disturbing Discovery

As One Green Planet reports, the desert near the al-Falah area of Abu Dhabi, known for its scorching temperatures that can reach a sweltering 122 degrees Fahrenheit, became a tragic scene. Cats of various breeds, including non-native Persian cats, were left to suffer and perish. They were either trapped in carriers or left wandering in the merciless desert, devoid of food, shelter, or water. Some were found dead inside unopened carriers, while others were barely clinging to life.

British management executive and animal rights advocate Chiku Shergill, a British management executive and an animal rights advocate who was among the first responders, described the situation as “terribly brutal.”

“I was one of the first ones to arrive on site and couldn’t imagine what I saw,” Shergill said.

The Urgent Rescue Mission

Upon the discovery of these cats’ dire situation, between 30 to 40 expatriates and Emirati animal enthusiasts came together to save these innocent lives, reports CBS News reports. Despite the challenging conditions and unbearable heat, they embarked on a mission to rescue as many cats as possible.

The rescue team’s tireless efforts paid off, as they managed to save 94 cats and kittens. However, the harsh desert had already claimed the lives of 60 cats. Two dogs, a golden retriever, and a husky were also found at the scene, with the husky tragically not surviving the ordeal, CBS reported.

Questions and Investigations

This heart-wrenching incident has raised numerous questions about the circumstances surrounding the abandonment of these animals. Many of the rescued cats were found to have been microchipped and neutered, suggesting their prior care, One Green Planet rerpots. The Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi promptly initiated an investigation to uncover the perpetrators of this inhumane act.

Animal rights advocates and concerned citizens have expressed the need for a thorough investigation into the entire animal welfare system in Abu Dhabi. They emphasize the importance of identifying shortcomings and addressing the non-implementation of existing laws. This evaluation should extend to the role of government agencies responsible for pest control, and the network of contractors employed to manage stray animals. These contractors are meant to ensure the humane capture, assessment, and, if necessary, neutering of animals before returning them to their communities.

A Wider Issue

The disturbing incident of cats abandoned in the desert is not an isolated event. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other areas in the United Arab Emirates have witnessed numerous cases of animal dumping. The International Organization for Animal Protection (OIPA) posits that this incident is part of a broader problem of animals being regularly left at known dumping sites.

Urgent Calls for Systemic Changes

Animal rights organizations around the world have expressed their outrage and condemnation in response to this incident.

Jason Baker, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia Vice-President, has announced that the animal rights organization is providing a $5,000 reward for any information regarding the individuals responsible for abandoning these cats in the desert, CNN reports.

“This act of cruelty must not be swept under the rug… The solution to the homeless-animal crisis is spaying and neutering and adopting from overworked and understaffed shelters, which PETA Asia has been asking the UAE to require for years,” Baker said.

The Ongoing Search for Survivors

Despite the challenges and adversity, animal rescuers remain undeterred in their search for any remaining cats. They continue to set up traps further into the desert, hoping to capture more lucky survivors.

The horrifying incident has prompted an outpouring of support and calls for change. As the rescue mission continues, it serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address the treatment of stray animals, not just in the United Arab Emirates but across the world.

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