This Animal Shelter Is Encouraging Adoptions With Puppy Pajama Parties

No one can resist a cute dog dressed in pajamas, and volunteers from one shelter use that to their advantage.

The LifeLine Animal Project, a rescue group in Atlanta, has come up with an adorable way to get people interested in adopting their rescue dogs. They throw pajama parties with the pups!

The foolproof idea has been causing quite the buzz and dogs that had been waiting a long, long time to find their new families have now been adopted. Not only can visitors to the shelter have sleepovers on site, but they’re also allowed to take dogs home for overnight stays to form bonds. However, the overnight visits aren’t just tryouts for potential adopters. They’re also intended to give these dogs a break from the stressful shelter environment.

But at the end of the day, LifeLine hopes that these pajama parties will help people see the dogs’ true colors and understand the fact that all they want is a little love in return.

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