Animal Shelter Finds 2 Puppies Left Outside With A Heartbreaking Note

The Forsyth County Animal Shelter staff were greeted with an unexpected sight when they arrived at work one Wednesday morning. Two separate kennels were placed outside the facility, each containing a puppy. A handwritten note accompanied the puppies, providing their names (Simba and Nala), their breeds, some of their personality traits and skills, and mentioning that Nala was only about 12 weeks old. The note also implored the shelter to take good care of the dogs and expressed gratitude.

Immediately, the shelter staff brought the puppies inside and posted a message on their official Facebook page, addressing the unknown owner. They expressed their appreciation for the owner’s care in leaving the dogs in a secure and visible location, acknowledging the heart-wrenching decision it must have been to part with the adorable puppies. The shelter staff invited the owner to contact them without fear of judgment or criticism to provide more information about Simba and Nala.

The Facebook post also appealed to the online community to refrain from passing judgment on the owner, as their circumstances were unknown. It emphasized that the shelter staff were simply seeking to understand the situation better and ensure the puppies’ well-being.

Despite the public request, the puppies’ previous owner has not come forward. As a result, Simba and Nala are considered on stray hold, making them ineligible for adoption until a set period of time has passed or the owner comes forward. In the meantime, a representative from Forsyth County Animal Shelter has confirmed that the dogs are comfortable and well cared for.

The community response to the shelter’s Facebook post has been overwhelmingly positive, with most comments expressing empathy and understanding for the owner’s situation. Many people applauded the responsible action of leaving the puppies in a safe place, acknowledging that the owner must have loved the dogs enough to ensure their care.

The Forsyth County Animal Shelter continues to hope that the owner will reach out and provide more information about Simba and Nala. In the meantime, the shelter is focusing on the puppies’ well-being and preparing them for potential adoption when the time comes. If you have any information about the person who left Nala and Simba at the shelter, the shelter representatives encourage you to ask them to reach out. You can follow the Forsyth County Animal Shelter on Facebook or call them at (336) 703-2480 for updates on the puppies’ status and well-being.

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