Animal Shelter Hosted An Easter Egg Hunt For Its Senior Dogs

I’m sure that we have had many memorable Easters in our life but 2020 is sizing up to be one that will never be forgotten. Due to orders to stay at home and social distance, families have been forced to alter their celebrations, perhaps for the first time in decades.

Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary was also feeling the crunch, but a small group of volunteers decided to do something for their senior dogs. They would put together an Easter egg hunt that was sure to be a hit.

Jennifer Dulski talked about the special event that took place on Sunday, saying, “We put peanut butter and string cheese and hot dogs — we snuck hot dogs into dinner.”

As you can imagine, these Easter eggs were sure to be ones that dogs would love.

“It’s not the traditional Easter for a lot of people,” Dulski said, according to KMBC.

A few raindrops that fell on Sunday didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the small group of volunteers who were there to have a little fun and to let the animals have some fun as well. The shelter has been looking for different ways to keep the dogs busy, now that COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

“We’re rolling out a new program,” Dulski said. “Take a doggo out on a date.”

A doggy date would allow the animal to get in touch with somebody from the outside world for a little while. Volunteers can pick up the dog in their car, following social distancing guidelines and drive off with their new friend.

“We will walk the dog out to them on a 6-foot leash, and the dog will probably jump right into your car,” Dulski laughed.

As far as the Easter egg hunt was concerned, they said: “Dogs get to run around with you and it’s just a great way to enjoy nature and stay healthy and safe,” she said. “The dogs need to get out. Everybody needs to have a healthy outlet, and they need you just as much as you probably need them.”

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