Animal Shelter Offers ‘Puppy Snuggle’ Sessions

Puppies are a breath of fresh air. Spending time with a tiny ball of fluff can instantly make your day a whole lot brighter and can even help you forget about your troubles in life.

Puppies have a magic ability to bring us back to the present moment and help us to relax a little bit.

In fact, spending time with them can be therapeutic, and one animal shelter has realized the healing power that puppies can have and they’re offering it as a service!

An animal shelter in Richmond, Virginia decided that after everything the world has been through over the past few years, it’d be nice if people had access to some puppies to snuggle. So, when they got a litter of seven Great Pyrenees puppies, they decided to rent out slots for the public to come and snuggle them!

The Richmond Animal Care and Control posted about the offer on Facebook, saying, “After 2 years of Covid, social upheaval and now a war, we think we could all use a little puppy cuddle time. So that’s just what we are offering!”

They added that those who choose to snuggle the puppies will receive 30 minutes of alone time with the pups in the room, and laughing, crying, and taking selfies are all acceptable and encouraged. They said, “Basically, the world is hard right now. Mental health is real. COME HUG A PUPPY!”

Since posting the offer on Facebook, the requests flooded in and the animal shelter added an update to say they received over 400 requests for puppy snuggle sessions within just a few hours!

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