Animal Shelter Sorts Dogs Into Harry Potter “Pawgwarts” Houses To Encourage Adoption Based On Personality Rather Than Breed

At the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, dogs are no longer grouped by breed. Instead, the staff analyze the personalities of their adoptable dogs and then sort them into one of the four Harry Potter Houses.

Describing their “Pawgwarts” sorting process, the shelter states: “For example, a dog who takes to learning obedience cues or quickly figures out a puzzle has the knowledge of a Ravenclaw. A small dog who has the determination to climb the agility A-Frame possesses the ambition of Slytherin house. Our affectionate happy-to-know-you dogs embody the friendliness of a Hufflepuff, and a dog who embraces change and new things has the bravery known to all Gryffindors.”

Hagrid would be proud!

Dogs from this animal shelter are being sorted into “Pawgwarts” houses to encourage adoption

They are trying to encourage adoption based on personality rather than breed

Some of the cats are joining in as well!

The shelter sidestepped The Quibbler, and chose to announce the opening of Pawgwarts via The Daily Prophet

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