Animal Shelters Are Running Out Of Food Because People Are Panic Buying Due To The Coronavirus

Many animal charities are being affected by the coronavirus and fundraisers are being set up to help. One of the groups that have been affected is Paws2Rescue, that helps stray dogs in Romania. The founder of that organization, Allison Standridge has said they are dealing with a ‘critical’ situation.

The charity has gone on Facebook to make an appeal for donations so they can buy supplies from manufacturers. Local shops are quickly running out. They said: ‘We have several tons of food held in reserve at manufacturers in Romania, please help us to buy some of this because we desperately want to send food out in the next couple of days to rescuers across the country.

‘This really will be a horrific time for the dogs when the shops are stocking essentials only – and that does not include dog food.’

Their efforts have already raised over $2,300.

Former Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson and Emma Naylor are also doing their part. They set up a fundraiser for a Greek shelter.

Animal Rescue Kefalonia (ARK) is caring for hundreds of dogs and cats but they are now lacking donations and volunteers due to the coronavirus crisis.

The appeal says: ‘Shelter’s rescue animals are not a high priority right now, but abandoned, unwanted, abused animals are paying a high price during this crisis as people are struggling and are discarding animals.

‘On top of that, with flights being canceled, and holidays being postponed the number of volunteers to animal charities all over the world has dropped hugely.

‘Both Emma and Lucy have adopted and spent time at the rescue center with Marina and Joyce who are the only two full-time volunteers who work at the center.

‘The coronavirus and the lack of travel is having a huge impact on the help they are receiving, and the funds that are being donated.

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