Animals And Their Confusingly Adorable Toy Counterparts

Sometimes stuffed animals are so lifelike, it’s hard to differentiate them from the real thing. And sometimes our pets are so adorable, they look like a toy! Well, it’s about to get real confusing in the gallery below…

Two teddy bears? Or a dog and a teddy bear?

Just a bunch of stuffed animals. Oh, wait…

Can you spot me?

Hey, wait a minute!

The pink dog has to be the toy, right?

Look-a-like buddy photo. 🙂

Okay, I’m starting to get really confused…

I don’t think a real dog would put up with that. 😛

Two’s company, three’s a crowd!

A cat spooning with a cat spooning with a cat.

I’ll say the one with the concerned look is real.

Two toys hugging each other. Or something…

Okay, the one might be a brush. But still. 😛

Short legs? Check. Pointy ears? Check.

Where does the dog end and the toy begin?

Just me and my friends.

Okay, I need help with this one.

What. Is. This.

Vanyel and Clone

My mind = blown.

Pigs in a blanket!

Yeah so that’s uhh… umm…

You know, just two fluffy owls.

Too perfect.

Who’s a good boy??

Pillow pets!

The one is just missing the overalls. 🙂

Help. He’s sleeping on top of me.

Two peas in a pod!

I’ll give you a hint…

Are… are you my brother?

Button eyes, button noses…

They even nap in the same position.

A look-alike pillow.

They don’t look alike, but they both look like toys!

The only giveaway: the tag.

This is just too adorable.

A tiny horse and a tiny toy horse.

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