Animals Who Made It Their Top Priority To Make Us Smile In 2017

As we ready ourselves to usher in the new year, let’s not forget about all of the reasons we had to smile in 2017. And let’s admit it: cute animals provided us with a lot of those smiles! Chosen from a list originally compiled by InspireMore, these 21 animals definitely cheered us up the most this past year. 🙂

This dog who would escape just to hug his friend

This hedgehog who goes on all kinds of adventures

Oh, you know. Just a deer enjoying an apple. 🙂

These traveling pals

Cats will be cats! 😉

This bird who looks like he’s fresh from the shower

This dog who had a party with all of his friends

“Heyyyy why is there a hole in my flower garde…..Oh!”

“Our foster dog gave birth yesterday. To baby cows” ?? 😉

This father and son

“So my dog has a closet for all of his neck ties and bow ties”

This dog trapped in some sheep

This cat who thinks he’s a person

No “cone of shame” here! 😉

The raccoon who took refuge from fireworks on a porch

This pup in his $9 pirate costume

Frida, the dog who saved lives after the Mexico City earthquake

This hedgehog enjoying Christmas

This dog in a cup

Lennu, Finland’s “First Dog” 🙂

This adorable smiling Alpaca

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