Animals Who Wouldn’t Trade Their Little Friends For The World

Friends make the world go ’round. And these animals have found friendship in some stuffed animals and wouldn’t have it any other way! Everyone needs a best friend, and these animals are set for life. 🙂

But no matter what, friends rock!

…so is this one. 😀

This friendship is a bit… different.

Cutest friends ever?

Sloths need friends, too!

A best friend always makes you laugh!

A cat and a mouse? Yup!

Reptile friends!

“Can I bring him along?”

Size does NOT matter! 🙂

“Dinosaurs aren’t so bad!”

Double trouble!


Off to dreamland.

Even bats like to snuggle.

A wearable friend?

Someone has a LOT of friends!

See? 🙂

Cats and birds CAN get along! 😉

“MY penguin!” 😉

“I’ll share my comfy bed with you.” 🙂

“What do you think of my new outfit??”


“I’ll never let them take you.”

“Pajamas, check. Friend, check.”

“What?” 😛

“We’re both hungry, actually.”

“I can slobber on this friend.”

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