Anxious Shelter Dog Who Nobody Wanted Ends Up Finding His Soulmate

Shelters can be scary environments and extremely difficult for animals to get adjusted to. Some never do get used to it and grow depressed in their kennel, which in turn, can make it even harder for them to get adopted.

Sherman was one of those dogs who was having a hard time adjusting to life in a shelter. He was very anxious and so nervous that he completely stopped eating. Shelter staff knew they had to figure out a way to help him, despite no one wanting to adopt him.

That’s when they turned to shelter volunteer, Michelle, who happily agreed to foster him. Little did she and Sherman know that he would soon become a permanent member of her family.

Sherman and Michelle’s husband formed a bond so quickly and were soon inseparable. So when it was finally time for Sherman to meet potential adopters, Michelle knew that she couldn’t separate Sherman from his best friend.

She and her husband then decided, without hesitation, to make Sherman a permanent member of their family. Sherman was thrilled to have a forever home with a loving family.

Although Sherman has a limp from a previous injury, Michelle and her husband know exactly how to give him the perfect life that he deserves.

They take Sherman for walks in the part, and push him in a doggy stroller when he is tired of walking. They also covered their home floor in mats to make it easier for him to walk, rather than on wood floors.

In addition to those accommodations, Sherman also receives acupuncture and specialized treatments, which have really made a huge difference.

Watch his journey in the video below:

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