Architects Around The World Design Unique Dog Houses And It’s For A Good Cause

Architects, designers, and artists from all around the world have joined forces to participate in this project called “BowWow Haus” which aims to raise funds for the well-being of homeless animals. These creative people have designed unique dog houses and shelters as a part of a new exhibition that will be open to the visitors until April 26th in several London venues, where they will later be available to buy at a charity auction or via online bids.

This project is a collaboration with the Blue Cross, a pet charity that has been helping sick, injured, abandoned and homeless animals since 1897, American not-for-profit organization Outdoor Arts Foundation, which supports community-based creative engagement, and photographer Drew Gardner. The money that will be collected during this exhibition will hopefully make the lives of hundreds of animals a little bit easier.

Some of the dog houses were made by such creatives as internationally famous Zaha Hadid Architects, mosaic artist Ivan Djidev and multi-award winning designers Denizen Works. Scroll down to see them for yourself.

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