Are You Ready For Summer Yet? Let These Breezy Gifs Transport You To Warmer Weather

As the winter weather continues, you find yourself dreaming of summer time fun. From beaches and flip-flops to swimming pools and picnics, summer offers plenty of fun activities. If your man’s best friend, it means hanging your head out of the car window. Check out these cool canines.

This Is Convertible, Right?

This dog seems to large for the car he’s riding in, but he loves the wind in his fur.

Catching My Breath

This cool canine loves the fresh air as he gulps it all in.

The Wind Beneath My Ears

This pup is enjoying the wind ruffling his ears when he gets to ride with the top down.

Ears Back

There’s so much air coming at this pooch that’s pushed back his ears. He seems to really enjoy it.

I Can Eat the Air

This pup wants to gobble up all the fresh air with his mouth wide open.

Just Can’t Help Smiling

Whether it’s the wind or just pure joy, this dog just can’t help smiling as the wind hits his face.

Just Like Dumbo

Just like the famous elephant, this pup has ears that should make him capable of flight. You can almost imagine him flying as his ears flap in the breeze.

Don’t worry summer is just around the corner. Your dog is ready to hang his head out the window and soak up the fresh air.

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