Arizona Woman Reunites Over 800 Lost Pets With Owners!

Ace Ventura is not the only famous pet detective anymore. Animal advocate Beth Smith uses a combination of tools to reunite lost pets with their families. Through her tireless efforts, hundreds of pets are no longer lost, bringing smiles to the faces of all the people involved. Beth Smith from Phoenix, Arizona, devotes her life to caring for animals. She spends her days working at Maricopa Animal Care and Control, while she devotes her free time volunteering to help lost pets get home safely, says Orvis. Due to her meticulous sleuthing for the past six years, over 800 pets are now back at home with their families.


Beth has a special system in place to achieve success, according to Fox 10 Phoenix. She uses an interactive map to place lost animals in shelters, or those picked up by other people, based on the location of lost pet flyers and missing pet ads on sites such as Craigslist and Facebook. She uses the address from the lost pet posting and enters it into her map to determine if any of the dogs found were in a nearby area when someone picked them up. She then uses details from the post to make sure it is the right pet before contacting the owners.


Beth credits her first experiences working with euthanasia at kennels as the main motivation to start her side project. She is so dedicated to reuniting pets that she often prints out lost pet ads and takes them with her to various shelters in her area to find matches, reports Hartz Ultra Guard. While she is not always successful, she has yet to make a mistake with any of the 800 matches she found. She encourages all the families who contact her not to give up until they find closure, whether their pet comes home or not. It is such an emotional thing to be reunited with a beloved pet.

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