Arrested: Video captures heartless owner abandon dog in southern Dallas

A video, recorded by cameras installed by the Dallas County Marshall’s Office, captured a man stopping his car near Teagarden Road at Dowdy Ferry Road abandoning a one-year-old mixed breed female dog. On Monday, September 11, George Spears turned himself into authorities after an arrest warrant was issued by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and the SPCA of Texas on a charge of animal cruelty. Spears has since been charged with a Class A misdemeanor for abandoning a dog.

According to the SPCA of Texas, this is the first time  cameras have captured an incident of alleged animal cruelty which has led to an arrest, and now marks the beginning of a close partnership between the SPCA of Texas and the Dallas Marshall’s Office in ongoing efforts to crack down on the epidemic animal cruelty and abandonment cases in the Dowdy Ferry areas. In addition, Dowdy Ferry Animal Commissions cameras also recorded the alleged crime and the hidden camera showed the dog being dumped as well.

The black and white pup, since dubbed Claira-Belle, was discovered and cared for by rescuers on August 5; she was  picked up by Dallas Animal Services in the early morning hours on August 6. The SPCA of Texas received information concerning the case on August 18 and instituted an investigation. Claira-Belle was transferred to the SPCA of Texas and has since been adopted.

Spears admitted he abandoned the dog, and told authorities he had been helping his sister by getting rid of the dog because she was unable to control her pet.

Let’s hope authorities pursue the harshest punishment as permitted by law and help to stop the heartbreaking crimes of pet abandonment in this community.

Check out the video of Claira-Belle being dumped – chain and all still attached to her collar:

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