Artist And Her Dog Recreate Famous Works Of Art

Dogs will always go along with our most harebrained schemes, which is what makes them such loyal and wonderful companions. For many of us in lockdown, having our furry companions by our side has made a world of difference while being cooped up indoors.

For one artist based in Texas, lockdown meant plenty of time to get creative in recreating beautiful works of art. Of course, no recreation of famous paintings would be complete without a photogenic model. And at the center of artist Eliza Reinhardt’s recreations is her trusty sidekick: her dog.

Together, the two took on such well-known pictures like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Grant Wood’s “American Gothic.” These recreations were too creative and good to not post to social media. Reinhardt even began posting them to her website where she sells prints of them, as well as postcards and notebooks of the recreation photos. However, if you want to get a copy of one of her recreations, you should know that shipping might be delayed due to the current pandemic.

In an official statement on her website, Eliza wrote, “These works search for selfhood and reclamation of lost memories resulting from a traumatic brain injury. The sedimentary addition and subtraction of paint functions both as literal and metaphorical archaeology of memory. Faces are fragmented, broken, and hidden; ambiguous, but sincere. A violent collision between my own physicality, paint, and image, the resulting canvases house a rich eruption of painting – a record of my re-genesis of self.”

Check out some of her works below:

And of course, we can’t forget about everyone’s favorite meme at the moment:

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