As Her Turn On The ‘Kill-List’ Drew Closer, The ‘Ugly’ Dog Believed Her Time Was Up

Aimee, a six-month-old Pit Bull, arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center in California in a concerning state. It was evident she had been neglected, as her skin was peeling off in patches, indicating severe discomfort and possible pain. The sight of such a young dog suffering from such neglect highlighted the urgent care and attention she required from the shelter staff and potential future adopters.

The shelter staff was told that Aimee was very friendly, but she got anxious when the other scared dogs barked loudly. Aimee got treatment for her skin condition, but now she thinks no one will adopt her because she’s ugly.

As Aimee’s turn was coming up on the list of animals to be euthanized, the staff stepped up their efforts to help her find a loving home. They wrapped her in a colorful blanket and took a cute photo of her to share on social media. The image gained traction quickly because people noticed Aimee’s sad expression despite the cheerful surroundings.

Aimee, who was adopted from the shelter, went home with her new family who named her Phoenix to signify her fresh start in life. In a freedom run video posted by the shelter, Phoenix seems to be the happiest girl as she leaves the facility and heads toward her new home.

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