Asia Has been Waiting For A Home For Two Years – Let’s Find Her One!

Is there anything worse than waiting? Asia is a pit bull mix who has been living with A Forever Home Animal Rescue (AFHAR) for two years waiting for a family to call her own. Here is her story:


My name is Asia. I started my life being as a helpless puppy being beaten with a 2×4 on a daily basis until my owners broke my leg. I laid there in excruciating pain until the neighbor called animal services. When they came to get me, my owners relinquished me to their “care” which really meant they sent me to die.

So, I sat in the shelter with a broken leg until my time was up and then I was headed to the euthanization room when that same neighbor decided to save me. She asked a rescue to pull me instead of adopting me outright. Well, she kept me about a year. She found out I was heartworm positive among other things and I had some anxiety issues. Who wouldn’t? I was jumping the fence because I wanted to be back with her. So she too gave up on me and surrendered me.

Now I have been at this rescue kennel for two years. Fortunately, I am heartworm free but I still have some anxiety. Not one person has shown interest in adopting me. I guess because there are mostly little dogs here and it’s not the place people look for a more substantial lady like me.

I’m only 50 lbs and have quite the bikini body but I’m a pitbull and that seems to deter many people. I do have anxiety issues which people here have been working on. I go on the treadmill sometimes and one of my favorite volunteers takes me home quite often and I go swimming in her pool or the lake. I love to follow her dogs. They help guide and balance me and that really helps because I am a follower, not a leader. I get along well with most other dogs but I am selective of the people I like. I trust dogs more than I do people and with very good reason.


A few months ago a volunteer named Melanie started taking me to her home where she has 3 dogs (Bo, Itsy and Sweetie). They are all rescues too. We all understand what it is like to be sad and alone. Perhaps that is why I get along with them so well. When I am at their house we swim, play ball and Frisbee, and I get to be a dog in a home. I sooo badly want that for my very own.

I know I can be challenging but I have so much love to give the right person if we could just find each other…

Asia’s caretakers at the rescue say she is has been through obedience training and they are working to get her through her fears, especially a volunteer name Melanie.

Asia gets along SUPER with other dogs and the staff says that while she can “turn it on,” Asia also has an “off switch.”

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