At 15 years of age, Apache’s family surrendered her to busy shelter

At 15 years of age, a Labrador retriever mix named Apache was surrendered to a busy California animal shelter. Apache, identification number A5259213, lost her real home on March 1 and today, she waits for someone who will consider giving her a chance to live out the remainder of her life in a home.

United Hope for Animals has provided some information about this homeless senior dog:

Weighing 71 lbs, Apache is smart, affectionate, and carries her years well. This dignified senior loves nothing more than to lean into her person for kisses and hugs. Despite her stiff legs, Apache walks cooperatively on leash and shows signs of being housebroken. She is friendly and tolerant of other dogs.

Age has taken the typical toll on Apache’s body…she is a bit hard of hearing and her sight isn’t what it used to be, but overall, she is doing quite well for a dog of her age. United Hope for Animals writes:

Apache is understandably melancholy to find herself at the shelter, but will quickly perk up in a home that can provide her with the affection and love she deserves in her golden years. She will reward her new family with infinite patience, gentleness and loyalty.

Find Apache’s Facebook thread here.

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Location: Baldwin Park Animal Care Center

For more information on this pet, contact volunteer UHA Adoption Coordinator Katja at 951-973-2757 or

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