Auburn Fan Dyes Dog To Look Like Tiger

Is it cute or controversial?

At 2017 SEC Media Days, one Auburn fan showed up with his Maltese — Tiger Jake — dye-painted to look like a tiger.

“It’s lasts eight weeks at a time,” Tiger Jake’s owner, Ron Samford, told SB Nation. “It’s animal-friendly hair dye,” adding that his daughter’s animal clinic dyes the dog regularly.

Samford told reporters for that the colorful paint job is harmless.

“It’s not paint. It’s hair dye,” said Sanford said. “We’ve done this for two years.” asked it’s Auburn-fan readers whether they thought dog-dyeing was normal.

It’s not the first time, though the below Great Dane was repping LSU…

Sports Illustrated opined it would have been more impressive if Samford showed up with a real tiger.

What do you think, readers?

Cute? Or just plain crazy?

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