Autistic Boy Never Felt Loved Until This Pit Bull Changed His Life

From the time her son was only 3 years old, Joey’s mother knew that there was something different with her son. As she would make advances to show her son love and affection, he would turn away and deny her love, even throwing extreme temper tantrums. Joey didn’t want to want to give or receive affection, and it pained his mother a great deal that her son didn’t have a desire to feel loved. Once he reached grade school, Joey was diagnosed with high-functioning Asperger’s. He always preferred being alone, until one truly special dog changed his life forever. His mother took a chance on a pit bull named Roxy, despite her preconceived notions that pit bulls were “scary” or “mean.” And by taking a leap of faith, this was all that was needed to change her son’s life in ways she never thought possible:

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