Awesome 9 Year Old Boy Creates A No-Kill Shelter In His Garage


An animal is euthanized every 11 seconds in US shelters. But instead of accepting this without thought, one 9-year-old boy from the Philippines, Ken, did the unthinkable: he started a “no-kill” shelter in his parent’s garage.


Even though funds were low, he didn’t let such an obstacle deter his dream of helping homeless animals, and eventually collaborated with friend and online supporters to raise funds and save the lives of once abandoned animals.


Ken first began taking care of abandoned animals in his neighborhood.


As word of his heroics quickly spread across the internet, donations began pouring in from others inspired and wanting to get involved with his work.


Thanks to the money from online donors, Ken was able to get the animals off the street, feed them high-quality food, and even provide them with veterinary care.


When Ken first found three of the dogs —“ Blackie, Brownie, and White Puppy —“ they used to be malnourished, mangy, and afraid of humans.


Now they are healthy and sheltered animals.


And with the abundance of donations pouring in, Ken has even greater plans of how to help more animals.


He plans on putting up a full-fledged “no kill” shelter in a lot that he’s leased for a year.



It began as a dream from a young and generous inpidual, but soon manifested into a life-saving club for homeless animals. With the help of like-minded people,, the “Happy Animals Club” has grown into a potential “no kill” shelter that will save and help many more homeless animals down the road.



Remember, one of the best ways to curb unwanted homeless animals is to fix your cat or dog if you know you will not be able to care or find homes for their litter. A snip at the vet’s office is much more humane than euthanizing innocent lives down the road.

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