Awesome Dog And Cat Friendships That Help Make The World Go ‘Round

These dogs and cats must not have gotten the memo that they’re supposed to be mortal enemies! The 14 cat and dog friendships below are enough to warm your heart and soul even on the coldest of days. Total cuteness overload! 🙂

“Are my cat and my dog dating?”

“Met a cat while walking with my dog. Safe to say they got along.”

“I don’t have any cats” 😀

“Zelda loves cuddling with her older brother Mouse.”

“My parents’ cat and dog mimicking each other’s sleeping style”

“Tiny kitty was scared of him for months. After a while, she’d secretly sniff his paws and ears when he was asleep. Then finally, she plucked up the courage to see if he’d be her friend.”

“My dog knows you’re not allowed to get up when a cat is sitting on your lap”

Oh my…

“Obi and Fawn finally decided to sit still long enough for me to take a picture of their daily cuddle”

“Cuties” 🙂

“My boy is all stitched up and Kitty refuses to leave his side”

“My dog and cat cuddling”

“Best friend, headrest, same thing” 😀

“Recovering from a trip to the vet together”

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