Baby Beaten For Being ‘Dumb’ Feels Too Ashamed To Turn Around, Shivers As The Ground Quivers

In a story shared by ilovemydogsomuch, a helpless puppy was born into this world needing the protective cover and sustenance of her mother. Tragically, this tiny canine was cruelly ripped away from her mother and subjected to horrific abuse by a brutal being. Left alone and isolated, the puppy had no shelter or comfort in sight.

Injured gravely, the small victim lay prone on the ground. Her wounds attracted an onslaught of bees, leading to further harm as they feasted on her tender flesh. The desperate creature needed a guardian angel to intervene promptly, or she would have lost her battle for life.

Fortuitously, a Good Samaritan spotted the little puppy and whisked her away to a veterinary clinic. Naming her Lora, they ensured she received the urgent care she desperately needed. The team at the clinic didn’t hesitate. Lora’s fur was shaved off around her wound to facilitate proper treatment. It was meticulously cleaned and rid of all the bees.

X-rays revealed that Lora’s hind legs were fortunately not broken, but extensive physical therapy was in order. Her wound also required constant monitoring. Despite being on antibiotics, there was still a potential risk of infection. Throughout her ordeal, Lora endeared herself to everyone at the clinic with her unwavering bravery.

The clinic sought out a compassionate woman to serve as Lora’s medical foster mom, and she willingly accepted. While this arrangement allowed Lora to rest in a comforting home environment, she still needed to return to the clinic regularly for check-ups. The clinic soon discovered that Lora was completely blind and deaf. They also diagnosed her with liver issues. Yet, in spite of the mounting challenges, no one was willing to give up on Lora.

Adding to the adversities, it was found that Lora lacked a sense of smell. Considering her blindness and deafness, her sense of smell would have been crucial in helping her navigate her surroundings. Despite the setback, Lora is now enveloped in love and care, which can truly make a difference in her life. Her medical foster mom is leaving no stone unturned to ensure Lora thrives, demonstrating that love and care can overcome the greatest obstacles.

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