When Their Baby Was Born, They Refused To Get Rid Of This Dog. Now Watch What They Do…

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog!

When you visit Charlie the Beagle’s YouTube page, that’s the motto you’ll see…and once you watch one of his precious videos with little baby “sister” Laura Olivia, we think you’ll agree it’s a true statement.

In the past, we’ve featured videos of this adorable twosome, such as a clip of Charlie bringing Laura some of his balls when she was just a newborn baby. It’s been pretty great to see these two best friends grow close through their touching clips, but it wasn’t until I saw the following video that I realized that their unique friendship brings up a very great point.

As you can see in this heartwarming video of Charlie acting as a protector and “babysitter” to Laura, they make a pretty great team. However, for many families, having a dog and a baby can be a big struggle without older kids or other family members to help out. New babies are one of the most common reasons dogs end up in shelters, simply because parents can’t handle them both.

Although it’s obvious that some dogs shouldn’t be around small babies and some small babies should not be around dogs, Charlie and Laura prove that they can coexist, as long as the dog is gently and properly trained and their interactions are carefully monitored.

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