Baby coyote mistaken for puppy in Illinois

A “concerned resident” found an adorable furry little creature that turned out to be a baby coyote – and not a domestic puppy someone may have abandoned. When the police in Bartlett, Illinois posted a photo of the little one on their Twitter account late last week, everyone was surprised she was actually a baby coyote.

“He was quite the attraction at the PD before he was brought to our friends at Willowbrook Wildlife.

— Bartlett IL PD (@bartlettpd) May 10, 2018″

The little one was found “alone on the side of a busy road,” and the resident brought the pup to the police not realizing it was a young coyote. Authorities turned the pup over to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center  in Glen Ellyn, which treat and rehabilitate wild animals.

According to the Daily Herald, the coyote is a female and has no apparent injuries. She has been treated with fluids, food and supportive care as she was dehydrated when found. She is expected to be transferred to another wild animal organization who is also caring for coyote pups at this time.

It’s all getting to be very confusing. Last week there was a “dog” that was really a fox. Then there was another dog that turned out to be bear. Oh my!

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