Baby Dalmatians Watch Their Two Big Parents Playing With Each Other

As much as parents love their little babies more than anything else in the entire world, sometimes it’s healthy to take a little break and spend some valuable time with your partner in life!

Louie and Lady are a pair of dalmatians that are just madly in love with each other. Over the years, they’ve built quite the following and their exploits are seen by people all over the world.

Louie is well-known for his compassion; he actually adopted a litter of tiny baby kittens that weren’t his own, simply because he loved them so much.

But sometimes, it’s healthy for a couple to leave their kids in the hands of a responsible babysitter or grandparent so they can relax and go out to paint the town red!

The video below shows Louie and Lady’s beautiful little puppies happily enjoying the backyard. As their parents get ready to play with each other, the puppies can’t help but follow them wherever they go! These busy parents get the chance to spread their legs a bit and sprint around wherever they please.

It should be noted that these puppies are being kept in this playpen just to ensure their safety. Their human stays close by and loves them all very much, but to keep track of 12 rambunctious puppies, all running around on their own adventures, could very easily lead to a lost puppy!

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