Baby Donkeys You’ll Think Are Almost As Cute As Puppies

As dog lovers, we obviously think puppies are the ultimate cuties. But there are some other animals who come awfullyclose on the adorable chart. And baby donkeys have to be a close second! Just look at the 18 babies below.

Puppy or baby donkey?? 😉

Just doing some shopping! 😉

“Levitating Donkey”

Making new friends. 🙂

“It’s a girl!”

Premature baby donkey getting legs straightened with casts.

“My first baby picture when I was found in the barn. I was certainly a surprise.”

Wake up and smell the flowers. 😉

Does it get any better than this?

Burrito the baby donkey with a puppy pal.

Miniature donkey foal in a field.

“Dougie, the baby donkey.”

Seven-week-old fluffball. 😉

“My donkey introducing her 5 hour old baby to my horse :)”

4 So much fluff! 🙂

Adorable one-month-old baby donkey.

“Little Donkey meets little person.”

Sparky the week-old miniature donkey and surrogate mom, Ted the teddy bear.

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