Baby Emu Makes Best Friends With a Dog


This emu looks to be very excited to be making a new friend.  Check out the dance moves on him.  That is one excited bird.

He seems to be almost waiting for the dog to come into the room and play.  As soon as the emu sees his buddy, he runs right over to him, and rolls over onto his back.

The emu may be repeating a behavior he’s seen the dog do.  It’s common that a dog will rollover when meeting another dog, to establish a bit of a “pecking Order” if you will.

The happy little bird hops from one leg to another, and dances in circles.  He’s doing about everything he can do to attract the dog into playing. At first, the dog seemed very unsure of his new buddy, but the humans in the family say that they get along famously now, and are the best of friends.

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