Baby Kitten Won’t Let Go of Canine Best Friend

Somehow, the myth that cats and dogs don’t ever get along was started, and it caught on like wild fire.  However, those in the know are aware that this isn’t really always the case.  In fact, many cats and dogs get on together quite well.

If you’re at all looking for evidence to this effect, one need look no further.  Here we can see that this baby kitty loves his new canine buddy.  He REALLY loves him!  So much so, he doesn’t want to let go!

This at first seems to confuse the dog a bit.  It seems that the dog has no clue what’s happening here.  Some would assume that this will lead to some kind of disaster, but there isn’t one.

The kitty still will try to ride his doggy friend every now and again, but things are getting better.  This looks like it will be a friendship for the ages!

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