Baby Pomsky Puppies Play Around In The Snow

There are tons of mixed breeds out there these days. One of the most common names you’ve probably heard before is labradoodle, a mix between a labrador and a poodle. But have you ever heard of a boweimar, a mix between a boxer and a Weimaraner? How about a bullmatian, a mix between a bulldog and a dalmatian? All of these pups are almost too cute to handle… and there are often health benefits to mixing two breeds together.

Many breeds come with a whole slew of health problems due to decades of breeding to look a certain way. A bulldog’s short snout can lead to problems that make it hard to breathe, while their short, hefty stature can cause hip problems. What happens when you mix those genes with a longer snout and legs of a dalmatian? A happier pup! You may not have known it, but mutts, dogs with many different breed’s genes, are among some of the healthiest pups around.

These pups? I’ve never heard of this mix before. They’re so fluffy and petite, yet they have some of the features of a bigger dog. Can you guess what these little babies are?

This litter has a husky mama and a Pomeranian poppa, and are bred by Apex Pomskies. Check out the breeder’s website to meet the whole family after watching these adorable babies play around in the snow!

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