Baby Starts Singing Alone For The Camera, But His Tiny Dog Wants To Harmonize

Best friends love to do everything together. They walk together, talk together, and in this baby and his dog’s case, they love to sing together.

A baby with the chubbiest cheeks was sitting beside his brown canine pal. They were propped up in front of a basket of toys and everything was serene for a moment. Soon, the real performance would begin.

After hearing his dog bark, the adorable baby let out some noise of his own. He made a high-pitched squeal as his smile grew from ear to ear. That must have been his own individual style of singing.

Next to him sat his small dog, observing the baby’s actions. His owner was bobbing around “singing” those high notes like the Andrea Bocelli baby he strived to be.

The dog wanted to turn the baby’s solo performance into a duet.

He began to raise his own voice and howl along with the baby’s high notes. Playing off of each other’s voices, the dog-baby duo continued, almost as if they were trying to harmonize at certain points within their song.

Toward the middle, the bouncing baby boy let his singing partner steal the spotlight. It was the dog’s time to shine, and oh, did he howl like never before!

Their song was a display of pure friendship between (little) man and dog.

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