Baby Wolf & Border Collie Play The Cutest Game Tug Of War Ever

Stop getting all the toys Faye, they aren’t all yours, you know! They are so mine! No they’re not so give it here. No! I said, give it here cos you have the other one, anyways! No! Hey, stop pulling. HEY, this IS fun! Let’s do it again, Nikai!

Well, I’m sure glad Nikai and Faye are finally getting along and enjoying their game of tag. Of course, Faye being the elder one by a few weeks, can be rather bossy but I’m sure both of them will be able to settle down and become best of friends later on. For now, we must take things one day at a time for these two pups are dominant creatures.

As early as now you can see that these two are gonna be strong dogs with stubborn personalities. There will never be any dull moments where these two are concerned. Share this with other dog lovers and I’m sure they’ll agree!!

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