Very Bad Cats Hilariously Fessing Up To Their Crimes

These guilty kitties have been busted, and their punishment is to be shamed. Take a look at the 17 very bad cats below fessing up to their crimes and try not to laugh — it’s impossible! 😀

“I like to throw my poop around & pretend it’s a toy.”

“0 days since I brought a dead lizard in the house :(“

“I try to pass off 3 day old flattened road-kill as my own catch.”

“I like to watch people using the toilet.”

“I keep your toes warm at night. If they move, they will be punished.”

“I ate mommy’s yarn & pooped it out, then continued to chase it around the house still in my butt. :(“

“I bring mommy and daddy a poop from the litter-box to let them know I want it cleaned. If they are asleep, I just leave it in their bed.”

“I ate $300.00”

“I fart on mommy’s face when she’s lying on the couch and then run away.”

“I am the reason we won’t get the security deposit back.”

“I jumped into the fish tank.”

“I somehow got the lid off the urn then I sneezed in Grandma’s ashes!”

“I puked in the fish bowl.”

“I beat up the dog, now everytime he sees me he cries for help. All the dogs in the neighborhood are scared of me.”

“I watched a mouse eat my food and did nothing”

“I peed on the hamster”

“I put a half-dead mouse in mum’s mouth because she was not waking up to look at it.”

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