Badly Neglected Georgia Dog Spent So Long in a Tiny Cage That His Spine Curved

Stewart’s spine is so curved that it seems very probable that he’s spent his entire life in a cage far too small for him. He’s badly neglected – his paws are furless and raw, his claws painfully long, he’s peeing blood, and he’s so starved that he resorted to eating metal. But now this pup is finally getting the help and the love he has needed for years.

This is what we saw. When we agreed to bring Stewart into rescue, this is all we had to go on, these photos, and the words that Stewart was not only obviously neglected (see his nails?), but he was peeing blood, and was likely in kidney failure. X-rays determined that he has metal in his stomach for reasons unknown. Could this be causing his kidney failure – poisoning from the metal? Stewart was rushed to our veterinary specialists and has now arrived there. He is critically urgent.

We broke down in tears.  Stewart has been suffering for a very long time at the hands of humans! He is 5-6 years old, and we wonder, how much of his life was spent suffering? All of it? In addition to what we already knew, we could see in the rest of these photos that he is emaciated. This did not happen overnight. His spine is curved as if sitting in a too small crate for a very long time. Likely he is also anemic. We are waiting on results from the vet.

PLEASE donate to help Stewart. Thank you for supporting the animals we take into the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC family. YOU make the difference for them! Please don’t turn away – we know the medical cases we take into rescue are overwhelming, and that you may not always be able to help. But even if you cannot donate, you can share his story, and that helps him and other future dogs that will need help by promoting awareness of their plight and generating further support to help others. Please pray for Stewart. He needs us all.

If you would like to donate – even one dollar helps – please click here, and mark your donation “Stewart.”

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