Baltimore Ravens Player Jeremy Zuttah Wouldn’t Get Married Without His Pit Bull

When you get married, one of the biggest traditions is picking your best friend to be by your side during it all. For the guys it’s the best man, and for the ladies, it’s the maid of honor. For Baltimore Ravens center Jeremy Zuttah, it was his dog, Ace. In fact, he refused to get married at all if Ace couldn’t walk down the aisle with him that day!

At first, Jeremy and his new wife Heran Haile were going to go to city hall and tie the knot there. However, once they were told that Ace wouldn’t be allowed in with them during the ceremony, they decided to make other plans.


Jeremy and Heran adopted Ace almost eight years ago together. They got him while they were still students at Rutgers University. Heran wasn’t exactly a pit bull person at first. However, if you were to ask her today, she’d tell you how Ace has completely changed that for her. Both Jeremy and Heran consider themselves big animal activists. They are strong advocated for pet adoption, and for making sure all animals are spayed and neutered. And even though Heran wasn’t a super, huge pit bull fan before Ace, she’s a big-time pit bull advocate now! She even wants to look into being part of a rescue group!

Congratulations on a beautiful wedding, and thanks for being such great dog parents!

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