Bandit’s Inspiring Journey: From Near-Death to a Loving Forever Home

On a warm September day in Ohio, a severely injured dog was found hiding in a man’s shed. The dog, named Bandit, had been shot in the back of the head with the bullet exiting through the side of his neck, just days before he was discovered.

Megan Zarlenga, from the Mahoning County Dog Warden, works alongside the shelter rescue group Friends of Fido. She reported that a colleague had been contacted by the Youngstown Police Department regarding Bandit’s situation.

A dog had been shot in the head on burlington ave on the north side of youngstown. A man had just found him in his shed.

Bandit was immediately taken to an emergency veterinarian for life-saving treatment. In the early days of his care, some questioned why he hadn’t been humanely euthanized given the severity of his injuries. However, if there was a chance for the young pup to survive, rescuers were determined to try and refused to give up.

Bandit remained in critical condition for days and stayed with the local veterinarian for weeks before being transferred back to the shelter for continued care. Thanks to Friends of Fido MCDP and their supporters, Bandit not only survived but also thrived. He initially weighed 34.6 pounds but now, at a healthy weight, tips the scale at 70 pounds.

We love you sweet boy. You have been so patient. Living in a room watching us pass by 1000 times a day had to be pretty boring all of this time. There is a great big world out there kiddo. It’s time to start.

Fast forward to February 2023, Bandit’s story took a turn for the better when Nancy and All About The Pawz Dog Rescue welcomed him into their care. Bandit had faced near-starvation and a life-threatening injury, but he never lost his spirit.

Today, Bandit has found his forever home, a testament to his resilience and the dedication of his rescuers and supporters. Dogs live in the present, and Bandit’s future is now filled with love and care.

Bandit’s incredible journey serves as a reminder of why rescuers and supporters never give up, even on the toughest days. Here’s to many more happy days and a long, joy-filled life for Bandit!

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