Barbie Dream House Facility offers a second chance for unwanted animals

Imagine a place where unwanted dogs can go for medical care, rehabilitation, and learn to trust and feel love for the first time? The Barbie Dream House Rehab Facility owned and run by Dr. Terry and affiliated with New York City Second Chance Rescue is such a place.

The Dream House is where dogs are sent to wait for medical clearance before going to their forever homes. It’s considered the happiest place on earth for dogs thanks to Dr. Terry and the staff. One staff member, Beth was recently honored by New York City Second Chance Rescue as the Animal Hero for the month of November. She was given this award for her commitment and dedication to helping these often frightened and sometimes sick or injured dogs.

According to those who work with Beth, she manages to keep the Dream House spotlessly clean; making sure all the animals’ living quarters are a comfortable and pleasant environment. While she works to maintain the facility, she always has some extra time to give the dogs plenty of love and attention. She knows a shelter can be a scary place for a dog, so she makes time to comfort these fragile souls. The dogs recognize her genuine love for them and compassionate nature. They come up to her with full trust knowing she is never too tired or too busy to show them some affection.

Beth has been providing these services to many rescue dogs from many different shelters. She loves them all equally. The rescue community and the Barbie Dream House Rehab Facility are very lucky to have a worker like Beth; one who puts the needs of the animals first and foremost.

As a gift of appreciation, Beth was given a Second Chance Rescue sweatshirt which she is seen wearing proudly. Because of Dr. Terry and Beth, abandoned, unwanted animals are truly getting their second chance at life, medical care, and a successful adoption.

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