Beagle ‘Adopts’ Abandoned Baby Possum After Her Puppies Died

Growing up I learned first hand just how protective dogs are of their loved ones. Our family dog, Bonita, was a regular mother hen to everyone in our family – including our other pets. Dogs have such big and loyal hearts, it’s what makes them such incredible pets.

Molly the Beagle is one pet who has opened up her heart to a little baby possum. Molly had just suffered a devastating blow when her litter of puppies died in birth. The poor, distraught Molly was searching for her puppies when she crossed paths with a little baby possum who’d been abandoned by her own mother. Molly didn’t hesitate to take in the orphaned baby.

Molly resides on a farm in Australia, so she’s quite used to hanging around various types of animals. However, it was still a shock to Molly’s owners, Elle and Sara Moyle, when she showed up at home with her new friend clinging to her back.

It was clearly love at first sight, so Elle and Sara let Molly keep her new baby. Both Elle and Sara nicknamed the little possum “Poss,” and it wasn’t long for her to become an important member of the family. Since arriving, Poss and Molly have been inseparable.

As Elle said, “They’re an unlikely pair. I think that possum thought that Molly was her mother, and vice versa.”

Possums are nocturnal animals, so Poss sleeps for the majority of the day. However, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t spend time with Molly. When Poss sleeps, she goes up unto a tree and Molly patiently waits below on the ground for her. When Molly and Poss are both awake at the same time, they are constantly together. Poss normally likes to climb up on Molly’s back, and she’s only more than happy to carry Poss around. And like any protective mother, Molly is always quick to make sure her little possum baby is safe.

While Poss is Molly’s child, she’s still a wild animal, which is why she’s free to go wherever she wants, as well as sleep up in trees. But that doesn’t mean that Poss doesn’t often ignore her natural instincts in favor of spending time with her adoptive mom.

As Sara said about the pair’s relationship, “It’s certainly uplifted [Molly’s] mood, they both needed each other, I think, so it’s been a fantastic relationship.”

Once Poss grows up, Elle and Sara aren’t sure whether or not she’ll stick around. However, for now, they’re happy that Poss and Molly have each other.

It’s so touching to them to see Molly wag her tail in excitement every time she’s around the little possum.

Poss and Molly’s story is so endearing, that Elle and Sara have even set up an Instagram page for the pair in order to keep people updated on the adorable pair’s adventures together.

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