Beagle Freed From Lab Testing Won’t Leave Crate Until He Hears A Baby Crying

Animal testing is a global issue. Dogs are still used to test products and their living conditions are far from fair. This story is about Echo, a Beagle who spent six years locked in a cage. When the Beagle Freedom Project rescued this group of Beagles in China, they were all thrilled to step out of their cages and run free. But Echo was different. Her trauma held her back.

Echo needed a medical checkup immediately. The company had used a chemical in her eyes to test it. This chemical caused Echo to go blind. The poor girl needed to start her new life with a special foster who could help her navigate the world outside a cage. That is when foster mom Hannah stepped up to take her.

Hannah brought Echo home and this was the first time Echo had ever been inside a house. Gigi, Hannah’s little dog, who is normally quite feisty, knew immediately that there was something different about Echo. She sniffed her and then Gigi’s natural demeanor changed. Gigi knew she needed a friend with lots of patience.

It took some time for Echo to accept her new life. Being blind is challenging enough but being blind and never being let out of a cage is totally overwhelming. Thankfully, two days after arriving at Hannah’s, Echo began to shine! She even showed her playful side and wagged her tail happily at her new foster mom.

t the next vet visit, the doctor decided removing one of Echo’s eyes would help with her pain. Hannah explains in the video below, that it made a world of difference.

This is when the unexpected happened. Echo really came out of her shell. Her goofy, playful personality wowed her foster mom. This was a dog who LOVED to have fun! Echo was finally ready for her new life to start.

Hannah was put in touch with Jenna and Jay. The couple had seen Echo’s photo online and fell in love with her immediately. They couldn’t wait to pick Echo up and bring her to her forever home.

Once inside her new house, Echo took a tour. She met her new doggy siblings and her cat sister. For the first time, she was truly part of a pack. (And a family!) As Echo settled in, she got to experience a lot of “firsts” — her first walk on grass, her first hike. All the things many of us take for granted were major milestones for a dog that had spent 6 years locked up in a tiny cage.

The video below showcases Echo’s new experiences. It is so unbelievably touching. Then something unexpected happens as Echo’s new life continues to evolve. Jay and Jenna welcome a baby boy into the world and the little Beagle is smitten!

This sweet, loving dog is where she belongs now. We are so grateful for the Beagle Freedom Project, Hannah, and of course, Echo’s new forever family. To support dogs like Echo, please consider buying products that are NOT tested on animals. Let’s put an end to animal testing worldwide!

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